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      There are many sources for information on the internet, and many books have been written on Amblecote, here are a few that are relevant, and expand some of the details given on the site.

      As some of our members live outside of Amblecote, the list has been expanded to include books on our adjacent areas.


     Book releases.

   Glassmakers of Stourbridge and Dudley 1612 - 2002.

    Author:   Jason Ellis

    Published by:   Jason Ellis.  3 Green Way, Harrogate, England. HG2 9LR   (2002)

    ISBN soft cover:   1-4010-6799-9
    ISBN hard cover:  1-4010-6798-0

   This is a superb book on the history of the glass trade in this area and gives an in-depth story of the glasshouses and the people that owned and ran them.


    The History of the Hill Family of Oldnall, Dennis, Lye and others..

    Author:    Don Cochrane

    Published by:   M. J. Cochrane    (2007)

    ISBN (soft cover):   978 0 9541753 4 4

   This book offers a fascinating insight into the life of Thomas Hill, who was influential, and generous, in the developement of Amblecote and the surrounding areas.


   Black Country Murders.

    Author:     Don Cochrane

    Published by:   Amberley Press.    (2011)
                               Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 4EP.

    ISBN (soft cover):    978 1 4456 0467 1

    Price:    £ 12.99  

   This book offers a look at various murders in and around the Black Country, including one in Amblecote in 1773.


    The Chateau at Impney.

    Author:  Barbara Middlemass

    Published by:   Softway Press                   also available from:
                                    Droitwich Spa                         Helen Cook
                                     Worcs.                                     01384 395 034
                                   September 2009                       helenjoy.cook@btinternet.com

    ISBN :   0-9510463-1-4

    Price:    £7.00    (plus postage as applicable)

    This is an easy to read book with plenty of pictures, chronicling the life of John Corbett at the Chateau, and also featuring his Amblecote connection.


   Jewels on the Cut.

    Author:   Graham Fisher MBE

    Published by:   Sparrow Publishing.  Drovers Barn, Whitney-on-Wye,
                                       Herefordshire, HR3 6EU    (2010)

    ISBN soft cover:   978-0-9548781-2-2

    Price:    £ 12.50    (plus postage as applicable).

   .....an erudite yet enthusiastic rendition of the fascinating history of the Stourbridge Canal and its related industries, related in Graham's inimitable raconteurial style, it leaves the reader 'hearing the sounds of the narrow boats, smelling the smoke and fumes from the glass factories and seeing the characters going about their daily business....... '


    The 2012 Portland Vase Project.
        Recreation of a Masterpiece.

    Author:   Graham Fisher MBE

    Published by:    Sparrow Publishing.  Drovers Barn, Whitney-on-Wye,
                                       Herefordshire, HR3 6EU    (2012)

    ISBN soft cover:   978-0-9548781-4-6

    Price:    £12.50   (plus postage as applicable).

    When first approached by Ian Dury to write the definitive account of the recreation of the Portland Vase for the 21st centuary, Graham Fisher MBE embarked upon a journey of cataloguing events as they unfolded. Before long it proved that a seemingly crazy idea was anything but. Not only do we now have a 2012 Portland Vase but also a Portland Vase Amphora, an Auldjo Jug and various other unique pieces of cameo glass.


   Whiskers on Kittens.
    A Celebratory Romp Through the Stourbridge Glass Industry.

    Author:     Graham Fisher MBE

    Published by:    Sparrow Publishing.  Drovers Barn, Whitney-on-Wye,
                                       Herefordshire, HR3 6EU    (2012)

    ISBN soft cover:   978-0-9548781-7-7

    Price:    £12.50   (plus postage as applicable).

    Every piece of glass has a story to tell, none more so than the author's 'favorites' featured herein. Join him as he takes a leisurely jaunt through the glories of Stourbridge Glass from its heyday to the present and beyond by exploring the rich seams of heritage and expertise that can be exposed by little more than a scratch beneath the surface, revealing ever more as the layers unfold.


   The Toll-houses of Staffordshire.

    Author:    Tim Jenkinson & Patrick Taylor

    Published by:   Polystar press.  17 Monro Mead, Liverton, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UL,

    ISBN soft cover:   978-1-907154-07-2

    Price:    £9.95   (post free).

    The book, published on November 30th 2014 by Polystar Press, contains photographs and accounts of all known surviving toll-houses in the old county that were mostly built in the 19th Century turnpike era of road management, along with descriptions of those now demolished. Amblecote and the surrounding area receives good coverage. A number of toll-houses once used on the county’s canal network are also included.


   Confessions of a Newsagents Son - Amblecote in the 1950's.

    Author:    James Morgan

    Published by:   The Black Country Society.  PO Box71, Kingswinford, DY6 9YN

    ISBN hard cover:   978-0-904015-84-3

    Price:    £9.50     available from local outlets and Amazon

    James Morgan was born in Lye and grew up in Amblecote, an urban village in the South corner of the Black Country. This is the story of his childhood in Amblecote in the 1950's; told irreverently and in hilarious detail. Amongst the pages are vivid descriptions of endearing yet sometimes irascible characters, schoolboy scrapes and a little local history.
        If 'Carter's Little Liver Pills', 'Brothel Creepers' and the 'Lone Ranger' evoke distant yet pleasurable memories then "This 'ens for yow ar kid".


      DVD releases.

   The Crystal Mile: Along the Stourbridge Canal.

    Author:   Graham Fisher MBE

    Published by:  

    ISBN soft cover:   

    Price:       (plus postage as applicable).



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