Wall Art


This page is intended to cover all aspects of painting on walls - excepting, of course, graffiti, which is simply vandalism.

Some of the earliest 'wall art' is to be found on public houses who often advertised the brewer of their beer - either a large brewery, or home brewed.




The Acorn Inn in Brettell Lane was a Bank's house - seen here in 1941 when Frank Wheatley was the landlord.









The Little Pig Inn at the Fish in the early 1900's. This pub was a home brew house.





This photo is a favorite of mine, I saw it in the late 1940's when I walked to school at Brook Street. It was covered by a hoarding for many years, finally seeing the light of day again just before the buildings were demolished in 1992. The buildings were on the High Street, facing up Brettell Lane. Finnegan's Nip-a-Kof were throat and cough sweets.




Another long time piece of wall art, Jim Worton's barber shop in Brettell Lane. I remember this back in the 1940's and you can still see it today.






This painting was on the wall of the car park at the Starving Rascal, on the corner of Collis Street and Brettell Lane, in January 2004. Beautifully painted.

This series of photographs were found on the site of the demolished Servosteel factory off Warfe Road in February 2015. The wall is 6 - 7 feet high.





Could not decide if this was 'modern' art, or graffiti.

Finding these fine examples of wall art was quite a surprise - but a pleasant one. I always admire the ability to think of a design, and even more so, the ability to translate those ideas into a piece of art.


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