Water Pumping Station


                                                                                                                                                          photo curtesy of Robert Williams

     A lovely photograph of the Amblecote Pumping Station and canal bridge taken from the garden of number 49 Platts Crescent. The Pump House is the square building, and the Manager’s house is to the right. The house was built by H Guest, whose yard is on the left of the picture, the house developed cracks due to subsidence of the foundations, and was demolished and replaced by the present building. The pumping station was owned by the Stourbridge Water Works Company.

     In the wall along the canal can be seen two patches of new brickwork. The first, below the middle tree in the group to the left of the pump house is where two wooden, green painted gates used to be. These were used when coal was delivered by canal barge to a storage area adjacent to the pump house, the coal was used to feed boilers to raise steam to power the pumps that raised water. The wells went down some 300 feet into the sandstone, the pumps were originally powered by steam, then diesel engines, and finally by electricity.

     A second patch of brickwork, below the pump house, marks the position of a doorway, which had a wooden green door.



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