Brettell Lane

   Brettell Lane is usually regarded as being 'Amblecote', but the actual boundary runs along the white line in the centre of the road. The north side (left side looking up the lane) lies in Brierley Hill, and the south side is in Amblecote.

Brierley Hill                                                      Amblecote

    Brettell Lane will be described in sections based on street plans c1900 for ease of recording the data.

    South side:

      Section one - from the Maverick to Park Street.

      Section two - from Park Street to Hill Street.

     Section three - from Hill Street to where Vale Street was, now an alley way between Brettell Lane and King William Street.

     Section four - from 'Vale Street' to just before the Starving Rascal at the junction with Collis Street.


    North side:

      Section one - from the corner with the High Street to what is the entrance to Lidl car park.




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