The Royal Oak

     The Royal Oak sits on the corner of the north side of the junction of Vicarage Road and High Street opposite Holy Trinity Church.

     There is record of a pub called the Green Dragon at this site in the 1720's, the licencee is not known, but an Amblecote scythsmith named John Wyatt leased the building in 1718.


    This an artist's impression, and shows a lot of artistic licence. The three storey house was known as high house, and had gardens to the rear of the Royal Oak, the two storey building on the right. As the school is advertised across two buildings, it is possible that only the ground floor was used as the Royal Oak. It seems unlikely that this is the building leased by John Wyatt in 1718, and the date of this building is unknown. To the left of High house can be seen a part of another public house known as the Rising Sun.

                                                                               photo curtesy of James Morgan

The Royal Oak Inn c1910.

      This is a beautiful photograph looking down the Holloway towards the G.W.R. goods yard and Stourbridge. On the left can be seen the front of High House, a cottage, the Royal Oak, and two cottages on the corner of Vicarage Road. Note what appears to be a horse trough in front of the Royal Oak, I wonder if anyone fell in after a few pints in the pub ?

                                                                               photo curtesy of Kieran McMahon

The Royal Oak Inn in the 1940's.

                                                                                                            photo curtesy of Doug Craig

The Royal Oak Inn a year or so before demolition in 1957.



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