Midway Engraving.
Specialist Engravers of Foil Blocking & Embossing Dies

1 Dennis Buildings
87a King William Street
Amblecote Stourbridge 01384 373350

    Nick Wood left school in 1985 and joined the Royal Brierley Glass House where he spent three months as a trainee glass maker. However, this was not quite Nick's cup-of-tea, and he moved to Acme Engraving of Halesowen, now called Falcon Tec, where he began to learn his skills as an engraver.

    After three years, he moved to the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, and worked as a Silversmith engraving all kinds of silverware. He worked as a Silversmith for twelve months, during which time he attended college to improve the technical side of his craft. He moved to Genisis Diesinking, adding to his range of skills, and left Genisis in February 1997 to establish Midway Engraving in the right hand bay on the ground floor of Dennis Building.

    This innovative firm produces embossing dies and plastic forcers for greeting card publishers and printers using traditional hand working methods.

Nick working on a die with a small chisel.

    The dies are made from a flat piece of magnesium alloy, onto which is transfered a revese image of the card to be embossed. This image is then engraved, or sunk, using electric driven burrs and hand chisels to produce a 'hole' in the die.

Finished die with matching forcer.

    A 'Forcer' is produced by pouring a liquid plastic resin material into the die. This, when set, gives a raised, mirror image of the die.

Die, card and forcer.

    The die and forcer are carefully aligned and fixed to the top and bottom plattens of a press. The printed card is fed through the press and the forcer presses on the card forcing it to stretch to the shape of the die and thus embossing the card.


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